Security Solutions Provided

Security Solutions Provided

• Executive Protection for Individuals or Groups

  • Executive protection is its own highly specialized field within the private security industry. Our Elite Executive Protection professionals have specialized training in executive protection, driving, first aid, and marksmanship.
  • BossAir Close Protection will employ the measures to ensure the safety of VIP's or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location.
  • We can provide an exclusive service to foreign diplomats, executives and companies for all transportation needs. A security driver will efficiently plan your routes and transport you safely to your desired destination. Drivers qualifiied in Advanced Driving and First Aid, with local knowledge will deliver you, your family or your employees safely to your place of business, residence or wherever you need to go.
  • According to crime statistics in South Africa, vehicle hijacking increases yearly. This is of particular concern given that most of these cases are as a result of organized crime syndicates.

• Close Protection in Hostile Environments

  • Through our extensive experience working in various Warzones and other Hostile Environments, we deliver a leading Security Solution to Companies, NGO's and other Agency's working in these areas.
  • BossAir Close Protection provides licensed and accredited Close protection Officers who have been trained to the highest standards and who posses' proven ability through operational experience and working actively in various hostile environments.
  • Individual security and group security is assessed, coordinated and procedures are implemented to not only secure your workforce in all aspects required, but also to increase quality of life while being deployed in these high risk areas.

• Risk Assessments and Risk Management

  • Through carefully formulated and detailed Risk Assessments we can identify Risks specific to your business or environment. A complete Risk Analysis, the control and mitigation will be done by professionals with expertise in Hostile Areas, Aviation Security, Aviation Safety, Maritime Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection.
  • BossAir Risk Solutions provides you with the correct solution by implementing a comprehensive Risk Management Programme and reduce your vulnerability to a financial loss or loss of life.

• Security Awareness Training (Country or regional specific)

  • BossAir Training Solutions offer a unique training programme for visitors to South Africa or contracting companies, NGO's or other agency's working in hostile environments.
  • We deliver specific security awareness training which will allow your workforce to recognise potential threats as well as how to counter and avoid these threats.

• Aviation Security

  • Aviation remains a key terrorist target and the need for effective aviation security especially in these times is imperative. Because of the evolution in Aviation Terrorism, an Aviation company is now even more exposed to hijack, sabotage bombing and other security threats to the industry.
  • The severity of the threat posed by various terrorist groups to civil aviation is of great concern. There are always new emerging threats, and the need for awareness and advanced measures in countering aviation terrorism is more important than ever.
  • Comparative analysis of national and international measures needed in aviation security and international cooperation is vital to operations.
  • BossAir Aviation Solutions specialize in Aviation Security Consulting and the implementation of solutions to counter these threats. Assessments and Management Programmes to counter these threats are carefully designed for your unique operation.
  • We offer solutions for security concerns on the ground as well as on board flights.

• Maritime Security

  • There is a profound re-emergence and proliferation of maritime piracy as a serious threat to international shipping along many of the major sea lines of communication.
  • BossAir Maritime Solutions provides a thorough analysis of the impact and probability of the threat, and information on the different maritime security measures currently in place to combat maritime terrorism.

• Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • The need to protect critical infrastructure against all possible risks is nothing new, protecting their key resources was imperative for all organized and civilized societies from the earliest times. However the risk and consequences have changed.
  • Terrorist attacks, such as of 9/11, contain many lessons for us. One of the most important of them is the realization that our complex, modern and open societies are eminently vulnerable to terrorist attacks and criminal activities.
  • On 9/11, apart from the appalling loss of lives, the attacks against the World Trade Centre also affected transport (destruction of subway stations below the centre), telecommunications, and trading to name but a few. For those focusing on the events themselves, this was not that obvious, but the attacks did not only result in mass casualties, but also in mass disruption of critical infrastructure.
  • BossAir Risk Solutions can provide the solution needed for protection of critical infrastructure (CI) and key resources (KR) against a range of threats, in particular the threat of terrorism and criminal activities, in an all hazards approach.
  • Risk assessment and Risk Management plans will be professionally implemented to understand the current threats to critical infrastructure and key resources posed by these threats.

• Valuable Asset Transport and following

  • As with vehicle hijacking, this crime is generally perpetrated by organized crime syndicates. The increase of truck hijackings suggest that organized crime is on the rise in South Africa.
  • BossAir Transport Solutions can provide a low key approach when transporting your valuables. From small businesses daily banking requirements, to transporting high value assets. We can provide a security solution.
  • Financial loss due to "inside jobs" or criminal elements targeting transport trucks and vehicles can be prevented by our specialized surveillance and low key following abilities.

• Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

  • According to South African crime statistics, house robberies are reported when people are attacked by armed gangs while they are in their homes. 
  • Most burglaries and robberies happen after criminals have done their own surveillance and information gathering. With house burglaries and business robberies being on the rise in South Africa the need to counter this criminal surveillance before the crime happens is essential.
  • BossAir Surveillance Solutions can provide Counter Surveillance services to individuals, companies and residential estates to prevent these crimes for happening.

• Industrial Espionage Detection and Countermeasures

  • Industrial espionage in South Africa is on the rise. A variety of covert and overt instruments exist to enable competitors to acquire business information to increase their competitive advantage.
  • It is vital for businesses to have adequate security frameworks in place to protect themselves.
  • Industrial espionage easily succeeds with the aid of information communication technologies and when there are no proper security measures to prevent the stealing of business information.
  • Industrial espionage presents a serious business risk. It is estimated by Ernst and Young (South Africa) that industrial espionage is a $67 billion a year industry.
  • This is an indication that corporate security frameworks is failing to detect and deter this threat.
  • BossAir Surveillance Solutions will implement measures to counter this threat. Through detection, assessments and training provided by us we can determine and deter this potential substantial financial loss.
  • We offer services in detecting bugging equipment in boardrooms, offices, communication devices and other areas where sensitive information is communicated or handled. Assessments of current control measures already in place to counter this threat. Training employees on how to be more vigilant and proficient when handling information.

• Private Investigations

  • BossAir Investigation Solutions offer you private investigative services for performing due diligence in large-scale Ponzi schemes and fraudulent investment vehicles.
  • Investigative services for insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims will be done by our expert investigators with valuable years in the Insurance and Financial Industry.

• Tracing for Debt Collecting

  • BossAir Investigation Solutions provide skip tracing services through our experienced investigators who have the knowledge, technology and network to legally and efficiently locate debtors and start the process of recovering financial losses.

• Health and Safety Services and Certifications

  • BossAir Risk Solutions can assist in making your working environment as safe as possible by carefully performing Risk Assessments and executing preventative measures.
  • Through a range of international standards, we ensure that organizations have effective occupational health and safety systems in place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance your business reputation.
  • We can advise and train on a comprehensive range of quality, health, safety and environment issues.

• Medical Training

  • BossAir Training Solutions can provide various levels of First Aid training, to more advance Medical training for specific areas and Hostile Environments across the world.
  • All courses provided are accredited and certified courses.

• Aircrew Survival, Escape and Evasion

  • Aircrew and regular passengers on board aircraft flying in remote areas and hostile environments is always at risk of ending up in a situation where survival might be your only option.
  • BossAir Training Solutions can offer you training to understand and employ the basic skills needed to survive in all types of environments.
  • We can offer you basic courses as well as more advanced skills to arm yourself or your employees to be confident, mentally and physically to survive these unforeseen challenges.

• Self Defence Training

  • Being aware of your surroundings is quite possibly the most important aspect of self-defence. Knowing the atmospherics of where you are and who is around you is paramount to personal defence.
  • This is not to say that physical skills are not important to self-defence. Martial arts training are an excellent way to gain self-confidence and skills to further improve your capabilities.
  • Learning a martial art will improve your strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and a number of other physical as well as mental skills.
  • However, all the physical skills in the world will not help if you are not aware of your surroundings.
  • BossAir Training Solutions provide different forms and levels of physical as well as mental self-defence training.
  • Tailored courses specifically designed for your unique requirement is given by experienced instructors in various styles.

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