Mission Ready Pilot

Mission Ready Pilot

As all pilots know, it is one thing studying, training and testing for the various licences and ratings, and another landing that first job. Becoming a career Pilot is a big investment in time and training. Exposure to potential employers is sometimes very frustrating and we all know the humble experience of “the walk of shame”. There is various avenues to commercial flying, and one of these avenues is that of a Contract Pilot.

South African contract pilots have always been renowned world wide for being masters at flying in austere and hostile environments.

South African Aviation companies specialising in contract flying, dominates a large portion of OGP, NGO and certain Government and other contracts worldwide. This enables these users in providing an aviation capability for their specific needs.

Like anything in aviation, planning and preparation is key to success. BossAir will help you as an aviator to be or become a Mission Ready Pilot (MRP). To operate in austere and hostile environments requires not only certain flying minimum requirements but also a mental and physical preparedness. By registering as a Mission Ready Pilot with BossAir, we can provide:

  • Consultation in establishing a career path.
  • Interview preparation for potential employment.
  • Exposure to potential employers through our network.
  • Specific training (i.e. soft courses, medical, security, safety, Hostile Environment Awareness Training).
  • Hostile Environment Insurance .
  • Tracking in Hostile Environments .
  • Life Support .

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