About Us

About Us

Extensive operational service with the British Military, Police and Security in the Private Sector in hostile environments is the building blocks of our experience. This allows for proven ability and skills based decisions when it comes to the requirements needed to feel safe and actually be safe. Knowledge of and experience in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom has been gathered collectively over many years.

All our accredited Security Specialists are adaptable highly trained individuals who take pride in their ability to operate in these challenging environments. Through proven experience in situational awareness, they will provide the local knowledge, procedures and means needed to adapt to the atmospherics of where you are.

As well as being overt, we also provide a low key presence and blend in with the principle or group in a non-intrusive manner. Emphasis is placed on appearance and professionalism. We work discreetly and value your privacy.

All our Close Protection Officers and Security Consultants work actively in various sectors and environments across the world. This allows for constant training, proficiency and new skills developed on a frequent basis.

Our Investigators, Assessors and Surveillance experts have through vast police, military and commercial experience the knowledge and means of collecting and using information to provide specific solutions required by our clients.


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